From Lower School to the Sixth Form, creating independent learners for tomorrow’s world

A broad, balanced curriculum is key to providing the skill set needed to equip our young men and women for tomorrow’s global society. At King Edward’s we support this with excellent teaching, a supportive learning environment and stimulating resources. 

1st to 3rd Form (Years 7-9) studies are based around the National Curriculum but go well beyond it. At the end of the 3rd Form, after consulting parents, teachers and House Staff, pupils select from a wide range of GCSE or IGCSE subjects. Most pupils take nine GCSEs, including Mathematics, English, Science and Modern Languages. 

In the Sixth Form, King Edward’s offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP), regarded as the global gold standard in education. We also offer a selection of A-levels, providing pupils with a choice of exam routes. The School remains an advocate of the IB Diploma and believes that for most pupils it remains the best path to follow in terms of gaining entrance to a university of choice, as well as supplying the breadth of skills sought by global employers.  All pupils are encouraged to be independent thinkers and learners, to be open minded and principled.

King Edward’s has a tradition of innovation, often pre-empting major developments in education. Having pioneered the use of laptops in teaching and learning, the School is now a digital campus with WiFi throughout and operates a BYOD (bring your own device) policy and virtual learning environment. Teachers usually have their own classrooms, arranged in departments, which provide specialist areas for support teaching and learning. Classes or sets are small.

We keep you well informed about your child’s progress. House Staff and personal tutors monitor pupil development; parents use the Parent Portal to access regular progress grades and written reports. There is an annual parent and staff conference for each year group, while House Staff and teachers are happy to arrange meetings with individual parents as required.

I really like this school. I have a great relationship with all of my teachers, who are helpful, motivated and very approachable..

Cecilia Sander, Pre Sixth Form pupil.