Food Science

Food Science is an important subject with the potential to benefit all pupils whatever the course of their lives. It aims to develop skills for independent living and to enable pupils to organise, manage and make appropriate use of resources, and make informed choices and decisions.
The department consists of a newly refurbished, purpose built unit and is very well-provided with modern electrical and technological equipment. Food Science plays a key role in promoting healthy eating habits to young people. Food is a global issue of everyday importance to people and a necessity in life. We are all consumers, users, and makers of food. Food Science empowers children to make choices and provides them with a greater range of options.
Learning about food should be as practical as possible at all ages. As well as developing a love of cooking and practical skills that can last a lifetime, the department involves the practical study of:
Food Science
Food provenance
Ethics, culture, and sustainability
Personal and Food Hygiene
Food Preparation and Nutrition is a popular GCSE option, attracting both boys and girls. In the 4th Form, pupils have practical lessons twice a week and cook a range of challenging dishes. Their theory lessons cover a wide range of food commodities, nutrition, and scientific experiments.