A firm foundation The GCSE curriculum builds firmly on the foundation built in the Lower School and 3rd Form. Development of independent research and learning skills remains key to prepare pupils for the Sixth Form.

All pupils take IGCSE English Language and the vast majority also take GCSE English Literature. All also take Mathematics, Science and Religious Studies. Almost all take a Modern Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish).

Pupils then choose three subjects from the following options: Art, Classical Civilisation, Computing, Drama, a second Modern Foreign Language, Geography, History, Latin, Music, Physical Education or Technology (Design Technology or Food Technology).

The option blocks are constructed to meet the choices of individuals, but checks are made to ensure that pupils follow a balanced programme and keep career and further study options open.

All pupils follow a course in PSHE, and in the 5th Form pupils take a course in Critical Thinking. Throughout the GCSE years, the emphasis is to cover the curriculum thoroughly, go beyond it and prepare well for Sixth Form study.

Pupils are taught in ability sets for English, Mathematics, Science and Modern Foreign Languages.