Humanities equip our pupils for a lifetime of critical thinking, encouraging them to discover a vibrant world and their place in it. 

We want pupils to love studying the past. Through the study of History at King Edward’s, we look at actual events and real people to gain an understanding of our past, fundamental when dealing with present-day problems and conflicts; we gain insight into the development of our societies’ beliefs and foundations. In our learning every pupil acquires and refines the skills of argument and critical analysis based on actual human experience; is taught how to collect, collate, order, analyse and evaluate information; to present a case, to criticise and compile a report. These are very important skills, applicable in many walks of life, such as law, the civil service, journalism, armed forces and business & finance.
Beyond the classroom, the History department runs at least one field trip for each teaching group per academic year including the following: Portsmouth Harbour, Hampton Court Palace, the Battlefields of Belgium and France; the Imperial War Museum and in recent times the Department has run trips to Berlin, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Sixth Form groups attend specialist lectures to enhance their understanding of topics and deliver a taste of university study.

1st to 3rd Form
History is taught from 1st to 3rd Form, giving every pupil enough knowledge and the skills to pursue History as a GCSE option from      Year 10. 

Sixth Form

History is offered as an A-level and International Baccalaureate (IB) Standard or Higher level.

Pupils need a minimum GCSE level 6 in History and English to take a History option in the Sixth Form.