Pre Sixth Form

One year Pre Sixth Form course

Only for 5th Form pupils

Ideal for overseas pupils or those seeking to relocate to the United Kingdom, this one-year programme prepares 15-16 year olds for the Sixth Form in two groups of up to sixteen pupils.

The course aim is not to place heavy emphasis on (I)GCSE examinations, although a good range is available for those who are motivated by exams. The main purpose is to allow for the development of language skills and the acquisition of thinking and learning skills required for the Sixth Form.

The curriculum includes a healthy mix of core subjects to lay a firm foundation for Sixth Form study and a range of creative and practical subjects, some of which will be new to pupils.

This course is not an ‘add-on’ but one which has been tailor-made.  It is a full year course, and does not finish after (I)GCSEs are over.  It includes Sixth Form taster days and an enrichment programme which provides the opportunity to experience some typical Sixth Form opportunities and teaching. 

It’s so much better here than at my old school. The classes are smaller, there are so many opportunities to try different subjects and the teachers are always willing to help you outside of lessons if you are having difficulties. It’s super.

Jan Seebery, Pre Sixth Form pupil