Selborne Cathedral Walk

In the 50th year of his involvement with the School, The Earl of Selborne, Treasurer of the Court of Bridewell 1972-83, and Bridewell Fellow, has generously offered to accept sponsorship for the Compton to King Edward’s Witley leg of his national “Cathedrals Walk”.  Lord Selborne will be joined on this walk on Sunday 22 April by pupils of King Edward’s.

In April 2016 I started walking to Anglican cathedrals in England from my home at Selborne in Hampshire.  I have now my end in sight as I have walked to 40 Cathedrals, the farthest North being Newcastle Cathedral.  I have set myself the target of walking to all 42 Anglican cathedrals (43 if Westminster Abbey is included) by Easter. I expect to complete the walks over the Easter weekend at Exeter Cathedral.

As my last Walk I will go from Compton (which was on my route between Winchester Cathedral and Rochester Cathedral) to the King Edward's chapel and I therefore hope to be able to claim to have walked between every English Anglican Cathedral and King Edward’s School within two years.

I cherished the opportunity to visit on foot as many cathedrals as possible.  Simon Jenkins in his book “England’s Cathedrals” rightly declares that the medieval cathedral is the most spectacular and lasting accomplishment of the English people. They have inspired preachers, painters and poets. They inspired me to follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims.

The Earl of Selborne GBE FRS

Funds raised will go to the Bridewell bursary programme at King Edward’s Witley, to benefit children whose difficult or challenging backgrounds makes it beneficial for them to have the opportunity of a boarding school education.

Donations can also be made off-line directly to King Edward’s School by contacting Mrs Emma Harrison, Development Manager, by email at development@kesw.org and by telephone on 01428 686773.

                                     Lord Selborne's route as of autumn 2017                                                                                               Watts Chapel, Compton to King Edward's Chapel Walk