Selborne Cathedral Walk

Lord Selborne was joined on Sunday 22 April by pupils of King Edward’s Witley to complete his national Cathedrals Walk.

In the 50th year of his involvement with the School, The Earl of Selborne, Treasurer of the Court of Bridewell 1972-83, and Bridewell Fellow, generously offered to accept sponsorship for the Compton to King Edward’s Witley Chapel leg of his Cathedrals Walk.

In April 2016 I started walking to Anglican cathedrals in England from my home at Selborne.  I am pleased to tell you that on Easter Sunday I completed the long walk from Truro Cathedral to Exeter Cathedral and in so doing achieved my target of walking to all 42 Anglican cathedrals.

For my last Walk I decided to go from Compton, which was on my route between Winchester and  Rochester, to the chapel at KESW and I can now claim to have walked between every English Anglican Cathedral and King Edward’s School within two years. 

I am extremely grateful for the generous support of this endeavour from friends and colleagues, with a particular thanks to the Mercers Company.

The Earl of Selborne GBE FRS

Funds raised will go to the Bridewell bursary programme at King Edward’s Witley, to benefit children whose difficult or challenging backgrounds or home life make it beneficial for them to have the opportunity of a boarding school education.

Donations can also be made off-line directly to King Edward’s School by contacting Mrs Emma Harrison, Development Manager, by email at development@kesw.org and by telephone on 01428 686773.











                                               Starting point: Watts Gallery, Compton                                                                                                      Finishing point: King Edward's Chapel, Witley