Telethon 2017

From 17 August to 3 September 2017 a team of young Old Witleians will be calling current and former parents, former staff, Old Witleians and Friends of the School  on the 150 Years at Witley Appeal telephone fundraising campaign.  They are keen to tell you about their time at King Edward’s, hear about your experiences, update you about the School and listen to your feedback.  They will also be seeking your financial support for the Bridewell Foundation for bursaries at King Edward’s Witley in this our 150th anniversary year of being in Witley.


We aim to raise £150,000 this year: £1,000 for every year that we’ve been at Witley, and by early July we have raised over £63,000.  Please take the call if you receive one and join us in our endeavour.


No time to take the call but want to make a gift towards the campaign anyway?

Visit our Make a Gift page for more details about the different ways you can donate. Don't forget to drop us an email at development@kesw.org to let us know you have done this and that you'd prefer not to be called at this time. Thanks for taking part - we sincerely appreciate your support.



Diary of a Telephone Campaign....

15th August: And they're off!  Two days of intensive training prepares our young callers for the challenges that lie ahead...

19th August: The first weekend of calling begins! Initial nerves are quelled with the support of Ted and Holly from Rux Burton Associates (affinity fundraising consultants) - and copious amounts of chocolate and haribo.


22nd August: over £19,000 now pledged from 136 conversations with our generous community of Old Witleians, parents and friends - thank you to everyone who has taken the call.  


25th August: By the end of the first week of the Campaign our team of young callers have raised almost £28,000 towards the cost of bursaries at the School 



27th August: A full on weekend of calling results in a current total of over £36,000 raised - despite being slightly hampered by the unusually amazing Bank Holiday weather resulting in lots of people out enjoying the sunshine!
29th August: A surprise visit by Ollie Hall, one of the 2015 Telethon Callers, helps boost the energy and motivation of our team. Almost £42,000 raised at this point.


1st September: We hit the £60k milestone hit last night!  Everyone really pleased!


3rd September: After an exhausting final push at the weekend a grand total of £69,000 has been raised in the King Edward's 2017 telephone fundraising campaign.  We are tremendously proud of our team of Old Witleian callers - none of whom had EVER taken part in this kind of fundraising before - and immensely grateful to all the Old Witleians, parents and friends of the School who have contributed.  


What an amazing result from an amazing community - THANK YOU.